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Clean out your medicine cabinet and throw out any prescriptions that are past their use by date.

Throw out any make-up or beauty products that are outdated or you know will never be used.

Drawer organizers help keep small items like cotton buds and bobby pins neatly arranged.

Do you have ample hooks or hanging space for towels? Encourage all family members to not leave towels on the floor, by providing each person with their own hanging space.

A hook on the back of the bathroom door is ideal to hold bathrobes or clothes, while showering.

Wipe down the shower after you have used it. This only takes a few minutes and prevents the soap scum building up and needing a major clean.

Store hair dryers, straighteners etc. where they won't get wet or be touched by young children.

Give every family member their own basket to store their bathroom items such as brushes, hair accessories and razors. These baskets can be stored in the bathroom or in each person's individual room and taken to the bathroom when needed.