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To Consider:
Keeping the top tier of your wedding cake either for your first anniversary or your first child's christening, is a fading tradition, but an option that may appeal to you.
Bright colours and bold patterns are becoming more common and pillars are a thing of the past, with layers now being stacked on top of each other.
Mud, sponge, fruit, continental and chocolate cakes are common choices.
Individual cupcakes have become extremely popular.
What size cake do you need? How many tiers do you want? How many guests will you be serving? Will the cake be served as dessert, after dessert or will guests take it home?
Do you want to design your own cake to suit your theme?

To-Do List:
Meet with several companies, sample their cakes and views photos of their work.
Decide what flavour and what kind of cake you want.
Decide on cake decorations and the cake topper. You may purchase ready made decorations or have hand made sugar flowers to compliment your bouquet.
Decide which company to use.
Order the cake. Have a detailed contract outlining the cake description, cost, time and place of delivery and any other charges.
Pay deposit.
Organize the cake knife (your venue may supply one).
Confirm cake delivery time and location.
Make final payment.
Arrange for someone to take the left over cake home.

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