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The garage often becomes a giant storage area for junk that is not used or needed, while the car sits out in the elements.

Is there room for the car in the garage? If not, it needs to be cleaned out.

The same principals apply as when de-cluttering inside the house

If you don't use it then get rid of it.

If you don't need it then get rid of it.

Use shelves or cheap storage units to store items.

All stored items should be neatly stacked and clearly labelled so you can see at a glance what is there, and you can find what you are looking for.

Keep all tools in one area. Whether you use a pegboard, tool box or other storage containers, ensure items can be easily found, especially those you use regularly. Ensure all tools are out of reach of children.

Remove all food wrappers, drink bottles, papers etc. from your car as soon as you get home. Inside your car should not be looking like a rubbish bin.

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