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To Consider:
Your Hen's night (Bachelorette party) can be as wild or tame as you want it to be. Does a dignified afternoon tea in a high class restaurant sound appealing or is a night at a dance club more your style? The options are limited only by your imagination.
A buck's night can also be anything from a group of guys at home playing cards, to a long night out on the town - or maybe a combination of both.
If your party night is going to be on the wild side, then consider having it several weeks before the wedding to ensure everyone involved has time to recover.

To-Do List:
Decide what kind of celebration you want.
Research and check out appropriate locations/venues.
Decide which place to use.
Pick a date for your night out.
Place booking.
Invite your friends.
Confirm booking and guest numbers.
Collect payment from those attending.