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When keeping hand-me-down clothes for a younger child, store them in an out-of-the-way place but make a note for yourself of what clothes are there and at what age they will be suitable. So often you forget about these items until the younger child has also outgrown them.

Kid's rooms need to be practical. Can they reach their toys and items stored in drawers and hung in wardrobes? They can't put items away if they can't reach the storage areas. Look at their room from their height and perspective.

Ask your child what problems they have with keeping their room tidy and what would make it easier for them. By involving the child, they are more likely to keep it neat and organized on their own.

For a child who loves basketball, place a laundry hamper beneath a basketball hoop, then putting their dirty clothes in the hamper becomes a game.

Store toys in a toy box, in baskets or on shelves. Ensure the child's favourite toys are easily within their reach so they won't be climbing up shelves or drawers to reach toys you have put up too high.

Go through your child's toys with them and have them donate any toys they no longer play with.

Throw out all broken toys.

Over the door shoe organizers can be used to store toys, hair accessories and other small items.

Ensure your child has a place to store their artwork and precious mementos.

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