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When de-cluttering the kitchen tackle one cupboard, drawer or shelf at a time. Take out all items and ask yourself if you need it and use it. If so, keep it, otherwise donate it or trash it. If you are hesitant about throwing it out, ask yourself when it was last used.

How many dinner sets, cutlery sets, glasses, mugs, plastic storage containers etc. do you own? How many do you use and really need? Donate the excess.

Free up your bench space and your kitchen will be far more workable.

How often to you use the appliances on your kitchen benches? If you only use them occasionally, store them in a cupboard instead of on the bench.

Place hooks under cabinets to hang mugs.

Hang saucepans or utensils if you do not have enough drawer space.

Store items where they are used.

The cutlery, crockery and glasses that you use every day, should be easily accessible.

Store large serving dishes and items you only use occasionally at the back of cupboards.

Use stackers in the cupboards and pantry.

Stack plates so the dinner plates, bread and butter plates, bowls etc., are all separate and easily accessible and you don't have to move one to reach another.

Stack items in the pantry. This maximizes space and also allows you to see at a glance what items you have.

Would adjusting the height of cupboard or pantry shelves make the area more practical? Would adjusting the shelves in the fridge make it more user friendly?

Remove everything from your pantry, throw out products that are past their use by date, wipe down shelves and return the items you are keeping, in a neat and organized way.

Ensure pantry containers for sugar, flour, baking soda etc. are clearly marked.

Store spices in a spice rack.

Are you a gadget or novelty appliance collector? Do you use the gadgets and appliances you have? If you don't need it, use it, or love it, then it needs to go.

Use drawer organizers to separate cutlery and utensils.

Consider pre-planning menus so you know what groceries to buy and are prepared come dinnertime.

Avoid using round containers as they waste space. Stick with square or oblong containers that are stackable.

Clean out the refrigerator. Throw out any expired food and return the rest, keeping similar items together.