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Keep detergents and cleaning products that you use regularly, within easy reach - but out of reach of children.

Products that you only use occasionally can be kept at the back of the cupboard or shelves.

Keep up-to-date with the washing. It is less overwhelming to do a load regularly, than let it build up and then try to play the catch up game.

Clean out your linen press. Throw out any linen and towels that are worn out and donate any that are still usable but you no longer need.

For linen and towels that you are keeping, fold them neatly and they will take up less space.

Organize your sheets into summer and winter sets. Keep the sets appropriate for the current season, in the most accessible spot.

Use a laundry sorter to separate whites, dark colours, towels etc.

Make each person in the family (who is old enough) responsible for putting their dirty clothes into the laundry sorter. If it is not in the laundry sorter then it does not get washed.

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