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If you have a lot of magazines, store them in a magazine rack or basket.

Do you collect magazines but find you never actually read them? If so, cancel your subscription.

Throw out any old magazines and papers you no longer need. If there is a recipe or article you want to keep for future reference, tear out that page and store it in your recipe file or other appropriate place where you will be able to find it again, and recycle the rest of the magazine.

The dining room or kitchen table is for eating off. Ensure the table top is clear of clutter. Don't be eating your meals surrounded by piles of paper and junk.

If you have a formal dining room that is never used, consider converting it into a study, craft room, kid's room or computer room, which will be used.

If you have a china cabinet/display cabinet, use it to proudly display your precious dishes, crystal, collectibles etc and remove any clutter that does not belong there.

If you have a lot of ornaments consider implementing a rotating system where some are displayed and the rest are stored. Then swap them over every few months.

Store kid's toys in plastic storage containers or baskets. Encourage your child to put away the toy once they have finished playing with it and have all toys packed away each night before bedtime.

Have a coat rack or hooks near the front door so everyone leaves coats, hats, scarves, umbrellas etc. on their own hook. These items are then easy to find when needed again and are not cluttering up the living areas.

If you have a CD collection, organize them on shelves or in a cabinet. They can be arranged by title, artist or within categories such as rock, pop, country, classical etc. There is no right way to organize them, just use a system that makes sense to you and enables you to find within seconds the particular CD you are looking for.

Apply the CD principal to your DVDs as well, sorting them by title or categories.

Ensure all CDs and DVDs that you have made yourself are stored in cases and clearly labelled. For those not already labelled, take some time to listen/watch and discover what is on them. If it is worth keeping, then label it immediately, if not worth keeping then store it with those that are to be re-used.

Organize books in your bookcases by height, title or author.

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