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From Announcing Your Engagement - 6 Months Ahead:
Organize the engagement celebrations.
Allocate the amount of the wedding budget.
Select the preferred date and time for the wedding.
Decide on the style, size, theme and colour scheme for the wedding. Do you want a formal or informal wedding? Do you wish to follow tradition or add your own unique touches? Discuss any ideas of things you definitely do want or definitely don't want.
Consider hiring a Wedding Planner. They will save you hours of time, they already have all the contacts you will need and they will keep you within your budget.
Choose the Bridal party and nominate your Matron of Honour/Chief Bridesmaid and Best Man.
Draw up a tentative guest list.
Look at venues for the ceremony and reception:
Book the ceremony and reception venues.
Begin a health and beauty routine.
Meet with and book a celebrant or chaplain.
Begin looking at Bridal gowns and Bridesmaid dresses.
Meet with photographers and/or videographers and look at samples of their work. Book photographer and/or videographer.
Look through travel guides and select a honeymoon destination. Begin planning for an overseas honeymoon.

6 Months Ahead:
Select and book transport.
Begin looking at stationery.
If the chosen venue does not supply food, start looking at caterers and think about the menu and beverages.
Decide what music and entertainment is required for the ceremony and reception:
Book any hire equipment required.
Organize the service with the celebrant.
If required, book a caterer.
Order your wedding stationery.
Organize calligraphy.
Organize decorations for the ceremony and reception venues.
Decide on the style of Bridal gown and where it is to be bought or made.
Decide on dresses for Bridesmaid, Flower Girl and Mother of the Bride.
For an overseas honeymoon, place bookings and ensure passport is up to date.
Meet with florists.

4 - 5 Months Ahead:
Arrange suit fittings for Groom, Groomsmen, Page Boy, Father of the Bride and Father of the Groom.
Send 'save the date' cards, especially for overseas guests.
Select Bride's veil along with headpiece and jewellery for the Bride and Bridesmaid.
Select Bridal registry items and organize gift registry cards.
Book a florist.
Decide on the wedding cake.
Select shoes for Bridal party, have them dyed or covered if needed.
Buy Bridal lingerie, stockings and garter.
Reserve accommodation for any overseas or interstate guests.
Arrange to have time off work for the wedding and honeymoon.
Meet with Master of Ceremonies.
Consider attending pre-marital educational classes or counselling.
Buy wedding accessories such as a guest book, quill pen, cake knife and server, car ribbon, rose petal scatters, ring cushion or ring Bear.
If planning an outdoor wedding, decide on a back up plan in case of bad weather.
Begin taking dance lessons.
Order ice sculptures.
Order pyrotechnics.

3 Months Ahead:
Book a Bridal suite for the wedding night.
Buy wedding rings and arrange engraving if needed.
If writing your own vows, begin that now.
Choose a Master of Ceremonies.
Provide venue and caterers with an estimated number of guests.
Finalise the menu with the caterers and decide on wines and champagnes.
Begin a seating plan. Decide how many tables are needed and who will sit at the Bridal table.
Meet with hair and make up artists and experiment with different styles, be sure to have your headpiece or veil with you.
Book hair and make up artist for the wedding day.
Organize bonbonniere.
Arrange Bridal party dress fittings and take along accessories, shoes and lingerie.
Decide on music for walking down the aisle and for your first dance.
Give DJ or musicians your play list, along with any special requests and make sure they know when to announce and play the bridal dance.
Begin planning the Bridal shower, Hen's night and Buck's night.
Supply the photographer with a specific list of shots and poses you want.
Organize security.
Organize butterflies or doves to be released.
Order disposable cameras.
Buy postage stamps and send out the invitations. Personalized wedding stamps which include your photo and a wedding theme, are available from Australia Post.

4 - 6 Weeks Ahead:
If planning an overseas honeymoon ensure vaccinations are up to date and organize visas.
If you'll be changing out of your wedding gown before leaving the reception, choose your going away outfit.
Organize the wedding rehearsal.
Arrange another dress and suit fitting for the Bridal party.
Buy gifts for each other.
Buy gifts for attendants.
Decide who will be giving speeches at the reception and work should begin on all speeches now.
Keep updating the guest list as RSVPs are received.
Write thank you notes as gifts arrive.
Book facials, waxing and any other beauty treatments, to have 2 weeks prior to the wedding day.
If needed, organize traveller's cheques and travel insurance.
Have ceremony programmes printed.
If changing your name, prepare the paperwork required.
If necessary, send change of address information to post office and any one else needing to be notified.
Make arrangements to have your Bridal gown cleaned and preserved after the wedding and for your Bridal bouquet to be preserved and framed.
If beverages are not included in your reception/catering package, book them now.
If needed, Bride and Bridesmaid should have a hair cut.
Decide who (if anyone) will walk you down the aisle.
Take out insurance to cover your wedding rings, wedding gifts etc.

2 Weeks Ahead:
Have your engagement ring cleaned.
Confirm final numbers with the venue and caterers.
Confirm everything.
If following the tradition of "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue" organize that now.
Have a final fitting for the Bridal party, including shoes, jewellery and lingerie. Ensure the gown is comfortable and lingerie isn't showing.
Wear in your wedding shoes and rough up the soles with sandpaper to avoid slipping.
Have guest names written on place cards.
Finalize the seating plan and put together a master-seating plan so that guests can find their table.
All speeches should be planned.
Confirm honeymoon arrangements.
Pick up tickets and itinerary for the honeymoon.
List what to pack for the honeymoon.
Organize for someone to arrange place cards and bonbonniere on tables, on the wedding day.
Have beauty treatments.
Have the Bridal shower, Hen's night and Buck's night.
If having a receiving line at the reception, decide what order you will stand in, and advise those involved.
Wrap attendant's gifts and write each of them a thank you note.
Groom and Groomsmen to have a hair cut.
Shop for any honeymoon requirements such as lingerie, swimsuit, and sunscreen.

1 Week Ahead:
Sign a Declaration of Marriage form.
Give the reception venue wedding co-ordinator the seating plan and place cards.
Collect your Bridal gown and hang it from the highest point possible.
Create a Contact Sheet with the details of all the service providers involved on the wedding day. Include company name, contact name, phone number and mobile number. Keep a copy in your emergency kit to have with you on the day.
Write a schedule for when everyone is expected to arrive on the day, including Bridesmaid, hair stylist, make up artist, flowers, cars, photographer etc.
Arrange for someone to take your Bridal gown and veil to be cleaned and preserved after the wedding.
Arrange for someone to return the Groom's hired suit.
Arrange for someone to take your Bridal bouquet to be preserved.
Arrange for someone to collect gifts from the reception venue.
Arrange for someone to take the wedding cake home.
Have thank you cards ready to send out when you get back from your honeymoon.
Arrange for someone to collect your mail and feed any pets whilst on your honeymoon.
Leave a copy of the honeymoon itinerary and your contact details with someone you trust, just in case of an emergency.
Prepare the emergency kit to have on hand for the wedding day.
Decide who your witnesses will be.

The Day Before:
Pick up all of the hired suits.
Have the wedding rehearsal.
If you are using a ring cushion or ring bear, attach your wedding rings otherwise give the rings to the Best Man and gently remind him to bring them tomorrow!
Deliver the guest book, bonbonniere, cake bags etc, to the reception venue.
Bride, Bridesmaid and Mother of the Bride to have their nails done.
Lay out your wedding outfit.
Pack your bag for the honeymoon or wedding night accommodation.
Give the attendant's their gifts and thank you notes.
Give each other your gifts.
Have a long bubble bath and listen to your favourite, relaxing music.
Wash your hair tonight so it is easy to style tomorrow.
Get a good night's sleep!

On The Day:
Have a healthy breakfast.
Allow yourself ample time to get ready - you don't want to feel stressed and rushed.
Relax and enjoy each magical moment as it comes along and have a wonderful wedding day!